our journey of hope and healing through autism

The Basement is Finished!


I am beyond thrilled that the girl’s new bedroom in the basement is finished. (We needed to finish another room in preparation for our plans to adopt through foster care) It’s been hard, hard work, but I’m so happy with the final results.

Even thought it was hard work, we were blessed to have so much help along the way. Back in the summer, the young men from our church came and helped dig the huge access pit needed for cutting the hole in the concrete for the new window install.  (Originally, I was planning to dig the hole myself, but I hadn’t realistically thought about how much dirt needs to come out of a hole that’s something like 5 feet deep and 6 feet wide!  The young men were awesome & dug the hole in something like an hour and a half.  It would have taken me days!  We hired a company to cut out the concrete and install the new basement window.  (Concrete cutting is just not in our skill set.)  You can’t see it in the picture, but Nathan built a lovely window well from pressure treated wood.  It was a labor of love, since the window is along the front of our house, right by our front walk, and I didn’t want a low-budget-looking metal window well.

Once that was finished,  a friend of ours was willing to trade his framing skills for a family portrait session from me- such a blessing!  He and Nathan finished most of the framing in a day.   Nathan and another friend did most of the electrical another day (another trade for pictures- so grateful!!!).  We hired a drywall artist for boarding, mudding and taping, (since we tried our hand at all of that in our bathroom reno in our last house, and learned that we are not artists in the art of mudding!).  I did the painting (with help from a friend-another trade for pictures), and the baseboards, trim,caulking, etc.  Another friend helped us install the carpet.  I’m excited to have learned how to carpet stairs (I have some 35+ year old carpet on the upper level stairs to replace.  Those stairs are begging for mercy EVERY.SINGLE.DAY)

There were other blessings along the way, like finding the headers (top pieces of trim) for the doors, closet,  and window at a garage sale for $3 for all 9 pieces, when long headers can cost $50 each for the length needed over the closet, pocket doors, and window.   The headers were used (since it was a garage sale, not a fairy tale), and the headers were made from oak, so they had to have the wood grain filled in with wood spackle, and be sanded and painted, but I was happy to do it, since I love, love, love beautiful trim work.   When I think about it, it’s amazing that the headers were in the right lengths for our project, since doors can come in many different widths.  Another blessing was finding the carpet.  This may sound gross, but since it’s a blessing, I won’t leave it out.  The carpet is lovely wool carpet, and felt padding, that we got for free.  Someone had bought a nice house and decided to pull out the carpet to put in hardwood, and gave away the carpet.  Nathan and friends has gone to pull up the carpet, and Allen and Dawn stored it in their garage for us until we were ready to install the carpet.

So many blessings a long the way.  We have felt God’s call to pursue adopting through foster care, and have been humbled to see all of the blessings He has sent our way as we have followed this path.


2 comments on “The Basement is Finished!

  1. Mike
    February 2, 2015

    That room looks like it could be in a temple. You kids did a remarkable job. Once again, I am in awe.

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