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Three Funny Things

I just thought I’d share, for those who might be interested, a few funny things from the past week.

Recently, we finished a bedroom in the basement, and moved the girls downstairs.  Before the reno started, one of Sarah’s concerns about moving down there was a dark opening to the creepy area under the stairs where we store our Christmas tree and other things.  Sarah’s thoughts, not mine.  🙂  I We made sure to frame out and install nice white doors  and trim over the opening.  The girls moved down there recently, and all has been fine until last night.  After I put the girls to bed, I figured I should put away a few long pieces of wood trim that were out.  Since the storage area under the stairs opens up to the laundry area also, I started putting the boards away from the laundry area.  Slide, slide, slide- whack!  Instantly, I thought about the girls, and heard shrieks of “Mooooom!!!!!” from Hannah.  If they’d ever secretly wondered if monsters lived down there, their worst nightmares were seeming to come true.  I went to their room, and the boards had pushed open the doors just enough for the girls to wonder what was inside.  🙂  Needless to say, I’m not planning to do that ever again.  Or maybe not till April Fools Day!

Yesterday, we went swimming at a wave pool that we love.  It’s got water slides, a diving tank, a rope swing, and a hot tub.  It’s so much fun & the kids were all so much braver than the last time.  Sarah and Evan went off the diving boards lots of times, and Evan loved dropping off the rope swing into the deep end of the pool.  Hannah and Nathan loved the waterslides.  At dinner afterward, we were all sharing what we enjoyed most, and the craziest moments.  Evan shared that one time as he went to plug his nose as he let go of the rope swing, his hand missed, and his finger went right up his nose!  Awesome, huh?

Now that Hannah’s communicates so well, it’s interesting to see how she makes sense of memories from the years  when she couldn’t talk much.  Recently, Hannah was having me swing her doll, Bitty Baby, in a blanket, like we used to do when Hannah was 3-4, and her sensory system needed lots of calming activities.

Hannah: “Can you help me swing Alice too?  She needs some therapy.”

Me: “Why does she need therapy?”

Hannah: “She just needs training and to play some games.”

Me: “Oh, okay.”

Hannah: “I’m pretending that Bitty Baby & Alice have autism.”

It makes me really happy to see her process her past through play,

And a bonus one, since I didn’t get this post published right away:

Tonight in her prayers, Hannah prayed:

I’m thankful for my body, and for Dad, and my curly hair.  I’m thankful that I have such long curly hair that I look like Aunt Suzy.  I’m thankful for pets, and household pets.  I’m thankful that Dad will go to training to learn about the kid (we’ll foster-adopt). I’m thankful that the lights are like the Savior, and Jesus is like the light.


Art by E., grade 1


One comment on “Three Funny Things

  1. Jenny
    January 7, 2015

    Love all of this!

    Love, love, love Hannah’s prayer!!
    And love all of you!

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