our journey of hope and healing through autism

Hannah’s Big dreams



One of the best things from the past week, is that Hannah’s a new phase of questioning and dreaming big dreams for the future.

“When I’m grown up, I’m going to need to look for a guy .”   (That’s some planning ahead!)

“When I have a baby, if it pokes me, I’ll get a different baby.”

“Will it hurt to have a baby? ” (I decided to omit the truth on that one!)

“When I have a baby, I’ll name her Maria, then I’ll have babies named Elsa and Anna.”

“When I’m grown up, will you help me find a guy?”  Sure, sweetie- if you need help finding a guy when you’re grown up, I’ll help you. 😉

“Mom, were you slender when you were a teenager?”  Ummmm…

“Dad, did you go on dates with other ladies when you were a teenager?”

“Will I be slender when I’m grown up?”


“Mom, do doctors have daughters?”  Me: Yes, sometimes.

“When I grow up as a doctor, I’ll have kids!”


Hannah to Nathan:  “Were you the only one?

N:  “The only one, what?”

H: “The only one for mom?”



Almost exactly two years ago, Hannah received her autism diagnosis- the future was so uncertain, and cold, dark fear gripped me.  Until you’ve experienced having your child unable to communicate, you can never fully appreciate what it means to hear them dream big dreams, and have the skills to make it possible.  I feel like the luckiest/most blessed person on earth that (through great therapists,  special diets, targeted supplements, and miraculous blessings)  Hannah has regained the language she lost at two.  Her language and social skills are ready to soar.   I know my brave, hard working girl can do anything she sets her mind to!



2 comments on “Hannah’s Big dreams

  1. fit4fifty
    June 16, 2014

    This is by FAR the best entry I have read. Tears are streaming down my face I am so happy. I feel a tiny part of your joy Becky!!

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