our journey of hope and healing through autism

Perspective Taking Games


Now that Hannah has become comfortable with asking and answering questions, a big goal Hannah is working on is perspective taking.  In a nut shell, perspective taking allows us to understand that different people know different things, have different experiences and interests.   It’s a huge part of successful social communication, and something we all refine as we mature.

There are a lot of great games that help kids with perspective taking.  I hope to continually add to this list, as time goes on.

Guess Who

This is a classic game, and comes in lots of versions- I’ve even seen a Littlest Pet Shop version!

and it’s cousin:

Guess Where

Where is Sock Monkey?

Where is Sock Monkey comes with a cute little monkey for one player to hide.   The players who guess draw a picture cards that helps them ask a question like “Is the sock monkey in a room with a bathtub?”

Another similar game is Where is LalaLoopsy?

What’s in the Cats Hat?


Classics like Memory and Go Fish are great too!


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our journey of hope and healing through autism

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