our journey of hope and healing through autism


Come thou fount

Artwork by Crystal Niznik

Recently, our family was doing our daily devotional/scripture reading.  We started talking about miracles in general, and miracles our little family has experienced.

One of the miracles we like to share with the kids is about selling our house in Illinois 6 years ago.   The summer we needed to sell, the housing market was slow, and our house was on a busy 4 lane street.   There were at least 4 other houses for sale on our street, all within 2 blocks.  Ours was the only one that sold that summer, and it sold for quite close to our asking price.  It was a huge blessing in a very stressful time. (Aw come on!  Cataloging everything you own, while your husband finishes his dissertation, to move to a different country is no sweat, right?)

Hannah’s response to biomedical treatments and play therapy has been a more recent miracle.  In the past few weeks, she’s started striking up conversations with people left and right- the cashier in the store, the person who stopped by to buy something I was selling on Kijiji.  It”s just amazing and wonderful.

Some of the our other miracles lately have been smaller, but feel miraculous no less.

February was full of wreckage and miracles for us.  Nathan’s car developed an intense power steering fluid leak and headed to the mechanic. The same week, our van started  making a weird clunking noise when we started or stopped, so it went in to the mechanic.  You know it’s bad news when the mechanic (who you’ve used for years and who is honest and reliable) tells you that this is probably the death knoll for your van.  Rather than pay the $2,400-$2900 dollars to fix the most urgent problems (tie rod ends, sway bar length, control arm bushings, brakes, alignment, and intake manifold gasket)  we felt like we should shop for a different van. (Cue the miracles!)   We found a van the same age as our van with lower mileage, and nicer features for not that much more than the repairs would have cost.  The only downside was that it cost a little more than we had on hand.  When Nathan told the woman selling the van that he wanted to buy it, she immediately dropped the price to exactly the amount we had in our account.   The seller lived not too far from where we live, which simplified the process, and with the shopping/buying happening over the long weekend, Hannah only missed one day of school where I didn’t have a vehicle to drive her to school.  Little things, but they made a big difference to me!

Another miracle that came up this month was finding windows to replace our front windows.  To put it simply, our front living room windows have some problems.  In the summer, I was trying to replace the old glazing.  In an absent minded moment, I wasn’t careful, and put a foot long crack in the window.   My most epic DIY fail ever! The windows are large- 36×72″, are 30+ years old, and had a fair amount of water damage from condensation, so just replacing the glass wasn’t really an option.  Since the windows are side by side on the most prominent part of our house, having mismatched windows wasn’t a great option either.  We got an estimate from our friend who replaces windows, as well as an estimate of what it would cost to DIY it & buy the windows from Lowe’s-about $1000 for 2 of their  bottom grade windows.  Though we’ve installed windows before, we’ve never installed such big heavy windows, so I wasn’t positive we could do the job ourselves.  I started visiting Habitat for Humanity regularly to check for windows, and even found one that would work, but it was a very upscale window- to buy a matching one at full retail would have been out of the budget.  A few times I checked Kijiji( our online classifieds) but I figured that was a long shot.  Lo and behold,  last weekend I found an ad for two matching windows  in nearly-new condition & just the right size for $100!  For both! It turns out they’d been removed from a model home because the buyer wanted something different.  Perfect for me!  When spring comes (or at least when it’s no longer -30!) we’ll be able to pay to have the windows installed by a pro and stay in budget.  I am so thrilled!

This past week, after a long, sad life of poorly washing dishes, our dishwasher gave up on the goal of cleaning the dishes, and started settling for evenly redistributing the the grunge over the dishes.  I was inspired  to look on Kijiji within minutes of someone posting a lovely and free Bosch dishwasher (they were upgrading to stainless).  Nathan picked it up on Friday, installed it yesterday, and I have been in dishwasher heaven!

I’m grateful for the reminders, big and small, that God is involved in the details of our lives.


One comment on “Miracles

  1. Dawn Ack
    March 2, 2014

    Wow. You guys have been busy! Love your miracles.
    When you replace your windows can we come help? We need to learn so we can replace ours.

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