our journey of hope and healing through autism

ATEC of 8!

Things have been crazy busy lately!  I find that so many remarkable or thought provoking things are happening daily, that I am going to try to post more, despite the hectic pace of life.  It’s so good for my brain to put my thoughts down, so they don’t just keep swirling around up there.  That means giving up on having the writing in my posts be as polished as I would like, but maybe that will be good for me!

Captured by Becky Photography-1

(This picture is from this past July.  I wish it were still green here!)

One great piece of news from the last month is Hannah’s most recent ATEC score.  The Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist is an informal questionairre that evaluates 77 aspects  of functioning.  It’s used to help parents and health care providers track the effectiveness of interventions like diet, vitamins, special music listening programs, etc.  You can read more about the development and reliability of the ATEC here and here.

I like to have our play therapists fill out the ATEC, because they’re so familiar with how Hannah is functioning, but they’re less partial than me.  🙂  The highest possible score is 180, indicating very severe autism.  A score of 0 indicates the absence of autism related difficulties. In May, Hannah’s ATEC scored at a 12.  In October, Hannah scored at an 8.   It’s just one more way of knowing that Hannah is making amazing progress, and that her difficulties are impacting her less and less.

Some of the areas the ATEC indicates have room for improvement are:

-carrying on a good conversation

-being consistently tuned in to what’s going on

-sound sensitivity

-initiating activities

-flexibility in switching topics

We still have our work cut out for us, but it’s fun to think that if her score can drop 4 points in 5 months, it could be (maybe!)  nearing O in a year!  If that isn’t that great motivation to keep working hard in therapy and biomedical, I don’t know what is!


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