our journey of hope and healing through autism

Hannah’s Blessing


I’d felt uncertain about sharing something so personal, but felt that it would be good to go ahead.  As I spoke about here, I believe that God can heal, just as Jesus healed many who suffered in New Testament times.  We believe that the power of the priesthood is the power of God, manifest on earth, and that miracles still happen today.  Those who are humble followers of Christ, and hold the priesthood can lay hands upon the sick, and give them a blessing of healing.   Sometimes, our Heavenly Father allows healing in a quick, or dramatic way.  (When we lived in Illinois, I had a friend my age whose brain tumor dissolved after a healing blessing. The tumor was there on previous CT scans, and gone the next). Many times, though, God allows us to learn and grow as we grapple with challenges, in a way we wouldn’t if they were simply taken away.  He can be intimately involved, but in a quieter way, that we have to look for, to see.  Working with Hannah through her challenges has been humbling, and at times, excruciating, but I have come to rely on God in a more intimate way that I’d previously believed I could, and to see His handiwork woven in the details of my days.

Hannah had been given a blessing, perhaps a year ago.  My main memory is that she was blessed to be able to communicate more.  We have definitely seen that.  In February, we were happy when she put together a 3 word non-scripted sentence.  Now, just 6 months later, she talks and talks and talks.   Some of the fulfilling of that blessing was brought about through  effective treatment with methyl B-12 shots.  I don’t doubt that one way God can bring to pass miracles is by bringing the right treatments into play, and helping a body utilize them the best they can.

Recently, we felt like the Lord was ready to bestow more blessings on Hannah.  We prepared by fasting and praying.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, (of course I would have loved a blessing that directly promised complete healing!)  but Hannah was blessed that:

Communication- that she will be able to express herself clearly and understand better what people say to her.

Abstract Ideas-She will be able to understand and connect them with familiar things.

Digestion- She will be blessed to not have stomach pain, and to be able to digest a wider variety of foods without it slowing her digestion.

Mental- The fog in her mind will lift, so she can clearly express ideas.

Liver- Her liver will filter out toxins and other compounds that bother her, through increased metabolism.

Blood Brain Barrier- Her blood brain barrier will become more of a barrier.

Immune System- will be able to eliminate harmful organisms and allow  beneficial bacteria to thrive.


The interesting thing is that, (just being completely honest here) at first, I was a bit disappointed that she wasn’t blessed with complete resolution of all of her challenges in short order (I know, I know!).  By that evening, I started to see that the things she was blessed with were the things she needs most over the next six months to a year to continue to progress and overcome more challenges.

Just as in New Testament times, blessings are only realized when we have faith.  One of the ways that I can show my faith is to trust that the Lord will guide us and inspire us on treatments we may need to add, or remove, and that for a time, I should take a break, or at least slow down, from my obsessive researching.   That’ll be harder than you might think.  Even more intimately, I need to remember continually, that God is figuratively walking with me on Hannah’s journey- and that the outcome isn’t all a direct result of my intellect and efforts.   Striving for that will stretch me indeed!


6 comments on “Hannah’s Blessing

  1. Heather
    September 28, 2013

    I enjoyed your article at Power of Moms, and also being an LDS mother of a child with autism and another one with ADHD (and SPD and significant behavioral problems), I look forward to following your blog! My third child has had cancer and is currently facing a possible recurrence. She recently had a blessing, too, and it was not what we expected. But God’s ways are not our ways, and I try to remember that he holds us all in his hands, and, because of his love for us, will do what is best for our eternal happiness and progression.

    • holdingtomorrow
      September 29, 2013

      Hi Heather-
      I’m honored that you stopped by the blog, and left a comment. That is a lot of work and worry on one woman’s shoulders. Logically, I know that I can “cast (my) burden on the Lord, and bear a song away”, but it’s a process I am still learning. I’ve sometimes felt like the Lord is trying to turn me into something really great, but it hurts so much sometimes that I shy away from the process a bit. Did you have a chance to see the Relief Society broadcast last night? The analogy of the burning of the interior of the Provo Tabernacle really hit home to me.
      Anyway, you’ve been in my thoughts and prayers today that you’ll be blessed with the things you need most. -Becky

      • Heather
        September 29, 2013

        Yes, I saw it – and bawled through it. The Provo Tabernacle analogy hit home to me too. Thanks so much for the prayers, and I hope the best for your kids, too.

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