our journey of hope and healing through autism

Research based suggestions for diet, nutritional, and medical treatments for autism

In general, as a  parent, and especially as a parent of a child with autism, I’m learning that it’s important to play to my strengths.  (I used to spend tons of time comparing myself to others, and trying to will myself to be more like them.)  Science is a big part of my educational background, and the way I think about things.  In deciding on the best ways to help Hannah, I rely primarily on interventions that have a research base to suggest that a therapy is safe, and has a good chance of being effective. Finding and reading the medical journal articles consumes hours and hours each month.  I don’t have the time to research every question I have, so most of my research efforts focus on more complex, contemporary, or controversial treatments that I’m considering.  When I find a carefully compiled summary of clinical research, my heart leaps with joy!

James B. Adams, Ph.D., director of the Arizona State University Autism/Aspergers Research Program, has compiled a list of studies that support the effectiveness of different diets, vitamins, probiotics, and antifungal medications.   If you know anyone with a child with autism, who is looking for a place to turn for more answers on how to help their child, this document is a great place to start:


With the combination of intense speech and occupational therapy, and treatments such as those discussed in Adam’s paper, Hannah has grown in amazing ways this year.  I’m so grateful for that!

Captured By Becky Photography (1 of 1)-4


4 comments on “Research based suggestions for diet, nutritional, and medical treatments for autism

  1. Jenny
    July 24, 2013

    Gorgeous photo of two very special girls. Sure love all of you!

  2. holdingtomorrow
    July 26, 2013

    Thank you, Jenny! We love you!

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our journey of hope and healing through autism

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