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Biomedical Tests and Treatments for ADHD

Captured By Becky Photography (6 of 59)Research has shown that ADD/ADHD have biological underpinnings, much the way autism does.  At heart, I really do believe that the human body was meant to be healthy, and that pretty much any disease or disorder state has (at least in part)  a biochemical basis.  If you can help the biochemistry improve, you diminish the effects of the disease or disorder.   Before a child is diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, they should have routine testing to  rule out other conditions that can result in ADD/ADHD like symptoms-such as hearing and vision problems, low iron, thyroid disease, and seizures.  Back when Evan was undergoing assessment for ADHD, he had blood work to rule out low iron and thyroid problems.

Recently, we decided it was time to look a little deeper into what may be contributing to Evan’s ADHD.   Two tests are considered by naturopaths to be the front line tests for assessing undectected, underlying issues- IgG food sensitivity tests, and OAT tests, which I’ve been talking about lately.

This morning, Evan went in for his blood draw for the food sensitivity test.  I explained a little more about why we were going and what the results might help with.  Evan replied, “But, mom, my ADHD kind of makes me who I am”.  We talked about the fact that in a way, I agree with him.  His ADHD contributes to his sense of adventure and spontaneity, and to his drive to do things in a novel way.  It also makes it hard for him to let some other of his great qualities show to their fullest- his intelligence, his kind heart, his desire to do what’s right, and not have to be nagged.

I’ve been asked before about what natural options for ADD/ADHD we’ve tried.  Over time, we’ve tried lots of diet modifications, and lots of supplements.  I was recently introduced to an a great paper that mentions much of what we’ve tried and more:  http://www.icdrc.org/documents/Rossignol%20simplified%20biomed%20autism%20file%202009.pdf

The article was written about treatments for autism, but if you’re a parent of a child with ADD/ADHD it’s still well worth the read.  The author, Dan Rossignol, MD,  says “There are certain treatments that parents can use to  help improve certain behaviors in children with autism (and ADHD). The ideal treatment would be one that is well studied, proven to be effective compared to a placebo, not too expensive, safe and tolerable, and can be done at home. Not many nutritional supplements fit into this category but several do. Many of these supplements are antioxidants that help to lower oxidative stress, which is a common finding in both ADHD and autism.”

Evan has never had official food allergy testing before.  We’ve always relied on observation, and elimination diets, to see how foods impact him.  Interestingly enough, this is considered the best method for pinpointing allergies.

“According to the 2010 US Guidelines for food allergy testing (Boyce et al 2010) and the European
Food Allergy Diagnostic Criteria (Burks et al 2012), the gold standard for diagnosis of food allergy is
observation, involving two steps:
1) Resolution of chronic symptoms after elimination of the offending food from the diet, which may
take several days to 2-3 weeks for delayed-type food allergy, and
2) Recurrence of symptoms with reintroduction of the offending food.”

http://autism.asu.edu/Docs/2013/Summary_of_Treatments_for_Autism-2013.pdf  p.10

Another study I just read (and will blog about soon)  had very high rates of improvement in ADHD symptoms when an elimination diet was instituted.



Some of the foods that we’ve noticed definitely impact Evan, and that we avoid are corn and corn syrup, dairy, gluten, soy, and apples.  It’ll be really interesting to see what the  test results say.


2 comments on “Biomedical Tests and Treatments for ADHD

  1. Mike Kapel
    July 19, 2013

    How long will it take to get the results of the test back? We’re really proud of your efforts to help your children.

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