our journey of hope and healing through autism

A change of guard…again

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Hannah’s current aide/play therapist let us know a week and a half ago, that she won’t be working with us as planned this summer, she’d be leaving to begin graduate studies.  She has been fabulous to work with, and I’m grateful for all the skills she has helped Hannah learn since she started with us.  She will be a tremendous asset to the field that she’s chosen to enter.

And I’m discouraged too.  Hannah had a temporary aide last summer (#1).  We had a delay in getting her new aide in place once school started, so I served as Hannah’s aide for September and half of October (#2), attending preschool with her 3X/week, and carrying out all her therapy activities. A new aide was found (#3), and worked with us for 3 1/2 months, until January, when she needed surgery.   Hannah had yet another aide fill in (#4), while a new aide was found.  We’ve worked with our current aide for 4 months (#5).  We’ll have about 7 weeks with the summer time aide (#6), then Hannah will be transitioning to another aide in the fall (#7), since our current therapy service agency doesn’t work with kids once they are school aged.

Luckily, Hannah accepts new people pretty readily.  She has a hard time understanding why she doesn’t see her former”friends”, though, and I’m weary of the process of acquainting aides with the on going therapy activities and suggestions.  I don’t blame anyone for all these changes, but I am weary of the transitions.  June is so, so busy with end of the school year things, and summer is hectic with all three kids home.  I know I should just take a deep breath, and be grateful that Hannah has access to this therapy, and know that if things aren’t ideal with Hannah’s therapy, it’s okay.  Yet, the sacrifices I make to have the main level of our home tidy (not necessarily actually clean- I haven’t been able to reach that pinnacle yet) and inviting for an aide 5 days a week, and outings the bigger kids miss out on because I’m tied to the house, are real investments as well.  I want to make sure that her aide is well trained and that our sacrifices are worth it.

The new summer time aide comes highly recommended, and I’m sure I will feel better once I meet her.  Maybe it will all be for the best?  


3 comments on “A change of guard…again

  1. Karin
    June 13, 2013

    I imagine that every person who enters Hannah’s life enriches the lives of all of you in unique and wonderful ways. May this next new acquaintance bring many beautiful surprises.

    • holdingtomorrow
      June 16, 2013

      Thank you, Karin. 🙂 Such a good reminder- I’ll trying to look at it that way. 🙂

  2. Donna J. Dingwall
    June 13, 2013

    All those that meet Hannah and the family she comes will are very blessed people. Keep doing what you’ve been doing and the Lord will keep seeing you through this for your whole family. You are a wonderful MOM Becky.

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