our journey of hope and healing through autism

Good Things- Feb & March

Captured By Becky Photography (5 of 5)

The past 6 weeks have been busy, and a bit of a whirlwind, but I’m so happy with what we’ve seen.

The first thing is that we started with a new morning time play therapy aide near the beginning of February.  Her previous work experience was doing ABA therapy with kids with autism, so she learned to be observant, and methodical in her approach. She is creative, willing to incorporate sensory based strategies, and loves to play with a purpose, too.  To me, it feels like the best of both worlds.  We’ve been able to learn from each other, which has been great.  She’s has remarked a number of times about how much potential Hannah has, and had noticed how quickly Hannah masters tasks.  It feels like a wonderful blessing that at this time when Hannah is so ready to learn and progress, her aide is quick to pick up on that and keep up the momentum of the therapy. It such a relief to be part of the team, rather than feeling like the driver of the daily therapy.  I’m so grateful to work with such an amazing team of people to help Hannah.  We definitely would not be where we are without them!

Hannah’s language had kind of taken a step backward around Christmas time, but has taken a big leap forward in the past few weeks.  When she’s volunteering her own thoughts, she mostly speaks in full 4-7 word sentences. Answering questions is still hard for her, but I see some improvements in that, too.

The thing I’m probably the most thrilled about is that in the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that Hannah’s language has become less scripted.  It’s hard to explain exactly what I mean- I guess her speech used to be a little bit like how I speak Spanish.  I know a few phrases, and a smattering of verbs and nouns that I can swap out.  Hannah knew lots of nouns and verbs, but almost always used of a few difference sentence structures from her repertoire. “Can I have a _____?”  “I want a ______”  “________ is playing.”  Recently, I’ve noticed Hannah say things in a much more varied way- more like the rest of the family, and more like her peers. I’ve noticed that her language processing time has gotten quicker.  Hannah is quickly picking out key words from things others say, and trying to follow up with her own related ideas.  The other night at dinner, Sarah was sharing about recess at school, and mentioned running, and Hannah said, “I have a running nose!”  Not quite the same thing, but still really, really great.

There is plenty still to work on (like when NOT to talk, taking turns talking, answering questions) but I am beyond grateful that the intense therapy (including iLs) plus biomedical interventions plus lots and lots of prayer are working wonders for Hannah.


2 comments on “Good Things- Feb & March

  1. Donna Jayne Dingwall
    March 12, 2013

    As usual….I LOVE to read about dear sweet Hannah and her progress. Thank you for sharing this wonderful news.

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