our journey of hope and healing through autism

Integrated Listening System Update

We started using the Integrated Listening System (a special program of frequency modified music that helps promote improved brain functioning) with Hannah on January 16th, so we’ve been at it almost 2 months.  The quickest benefit to appear (that seems linked to the iLs program), is improvement in Hannah’s sleep.

Before Hannah started the listening program, she would wake up just enough to stumble out of bed and head to our room about 2-4 times throughout the night, most nights of the week. Not too bad, considering how she slept back before she began the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, but still kinda tiring for all of us, right?  We’d put her back in bed, and she’d settle right down, but it seemed that her body/brain was never really entering a deep sleep that let her stay asleep.  From the first day listening of listening (an hour per day on specially adapted headphones), Hannah was sleeping through the night- EVERY night.  In the past 6 weeks, the only times she’s woken up in the night are when she’s been fairly sick.

Nathan, Hannah and I are getting great sleep for the first time in years, and it feels wonderful!!!  I can’t say 100% conclusively that this change was brought about by the iLs program, but the timing seems to indicate it.

Hannah’s language has also made some great gains lately (she’s frequently volunteering her own thoughts in 4-7 word sentences), and I suspect that this is in part because of the ILS.  🙂



One comment on “Integrated Listening System Update

  1. Donna J. Dingwall
    March 11, 2013

    GOOOO Nathan, Becky and Hannah. Cheering you on from EVERYWHERE!!

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