our journey of hope and healing through autism

Good news-Flexibility!!! (through treating yeast)


One of the great things that improved by leaps and bounds in December and January is Hannah’s cognitive flexibility. (Hooray!)
Rigidity is something that most people with autism struggle with. It’s hard to imagine what that looks like, or how big a challenge it can be, until you live with a person that has to have things one certain way, or no way at all. As recently as last October/November Hannah’s rigidity touched every area of her life- things like wanting specific blankets on her bed, layered in a very specific order, and only the Princess pillow case would do! Hannah would only wear dresses- and the only dress that was acceptable to wear, was the one she already had on- if it got dirty and had to be changed, watch out (cue the screaming fits)! I remember telling Hannah’s preschool teacher in September, that yes, Hannah had lots of clothes, but she might just arrive at school each time in the same blue & green dress (her favorite at the time). There were so many battles to fight, that fighting the rigidity wasn’t high on our list, and we just tried to roll with it the best we could.
I can hardly believe the difference just 2 months later! After 2 years of Hannah refusing to wear pants, she’s now wearing pants on a regular basis. That’s a pretty handy thing when the weather drops to -20! In fact, she’s happy to wear whatever she’s offered.
I’m loving Hannah’s flexibility when it comes to dressing and grooming. Hannah used to only wear her hair with a soft headband (to keep those curly locks out of her eyes). If I ever tried to give her a ponytail, she’d pull out any elastics I tried to put in. At some point in January, Hannah decided that hair brushing is okay, even if she’s not in the bathtub with her hair saturated with conditioner.  All of a sudden, ponytails were okay- and pigtails, and braids. Don’t get me wrong- I don’t really care how her hair is styled- it’s nice to be able to comb and style her hair as needed, when needed.
Gone are the fits at bedtime when she insisted on a certain number of books. She’s going to bed like a dream these days (bath, p.j.’s, teeth brushing, stories and bed).
While I can never say conclusively, all these rapid improvements came along with introducing Nystatin, (an antifungal med), and a low sugar diet, to treat the overgrowth of Candida that was detected in Hannah’s stool sample. We had plans in place, but had not really started in ernest on therapy based efforts to improve Hannah’s flexibility, so I don’t think it’s a result of therapy efforts. Whatever the root cause, it has made all of our lives so much nicer! You can read more about why yeast is a problem here:


What we are doing that is helping bring about all this goodness:

-Gluten-Free, Casein-Free since Sept 2011

-Specific Carbohydrate Diet since April 2012

-Anti Candida Diet and mostly hormone & antiobiotic free meat since Nov 2012

-Herbal anti-yeast and parasitic- early December 2012

-Nystatin- started Dec 15th, 2012

-Multivitamin, Acidophilus, Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Magnesium Glycinate, Zinc Chelate, Pyridoxyl-5-Phosphate

-23ish hours per week of play based therapy (OT, speech, behavioral)


3 comments on “Good news-Flexibility!!! (through treating yeast)

  1. Donna J. Dingwall
    February 18, 2013

    WOWSERS Becky. This is so so so wonderful. Even in Primary today we had BOTH 4 yr old classes together and she was so good about it. She was so happy to see Izzy in her class. More flexibility. Oh yes, I could see another sister that was teaching today needed some help and I let Hannah know that I was going to go help her and would she keep sitting on her chair nicely and she amazing. She IS amazing. Love that little sweetheart. (your too) 🙂

  2. Jenny
    February 19, 2013


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