our journey of hope and healing through autism

Things to celebrate this week- Dec. 5th

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.”  -Helen Keller

Captured by Becky Photography-web (25 of 51)

This week has been full of good things.  Things that might seem small to someone else, but are huge to me.

Two nights ago, Hannah wanted to color after a long day of therapy.  I set her up with markers and a number of coloring pages, but didn’t really look at what she was coloring, since I was busy fixing dinner.
When it was time to clear the table,  I found that Hannah had worked hard to color inside the lines the best she could on every page.  I’d never seen her do much more than scribble all over a coloring page before.  One of the coloring pages had a large kitten with a dress to color in.  She had clearly spent a LONG time coloring the whole dress yellow.  No one was there prompting her.  So, yes, it’s a little thing, but it felt like a big thing!
Today, Hannah, Hannah’s aide, and I went to  a fun kid’s Zumba class offered by the agency that coordinates Hannah’s therapy.  Hannah had a great time, and worked really hard to copy the moves the instructor demonstrated.  That itself is really exciting.  Imitating others is a skill that is often reduced or absent in kiddos with autism.  Hannah’s ability to watch others and imitate what they do has really blossomed over the past month, without having targeted that skill specifically in our therapy sessions.
It gets even better though!  Today as Hannah danced and did her best, she kept looking over at me, asking without words, “How am I doing mom?”  Most children instinctively do this from an early age, and I think that Hannah used to before she regressed at about age 2.  Anyway, this is the first time that I noticed Hannah check in this way- over and over and over.  I’m so thrilled.
Hannah also got to go to the eye doctor for a dilated eye exam today.  She did AMAZING letting them put in the eye drops (which sting for the first 5-10 seconds).  She didn’t complain at all, and was really co-operative.  She needs glasses- so I’m glad to have found one more easy-to-fix thing to help her keep progressing.
I’m so grateful for the progress that Hannah is making.  I feel like the diet, supplements and intensive therapy are working wonders.

2 comments on “Things to celebrate this week- Dec. 5th

  1. Jenny
    December 9, 2012

    Hooray!!! So glad to hear such great news. Sure love that sweet girl. That is a great photo of her. Love you!

  2. Suzy
    December 10, 2012

    All those things are great! I know things can be so challenging, but it’s wonderful to focus on the successes and improvements. I love you guys!

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