our journey of hope and healing through autism

A chic, facetious seque

(Do you ever have words that you’ve read over and over, and didn’t realize for years that they are a word you’re used to hearing, but they look nothing like you expected?)

We’ve transitioned into summer- the kids have been off school for two whole weeks.  Of course, I’ve started out how I do every year- big plans about how many fun things we’re going to do (partly because that’s fun and partly because Evan and Sarah tend to bicker a lot if we spend too much time around the house) , and how I’m going to have a schedule to keep every one sane, and help kids work on their academic weak spots…

So here we are two weeks in- we’ve accomplished a few things from our summer bucket list.  Evan and Sarah have played nicely some days, and seemingly bickered all day other days.  It seems like it’s all tied to sleep- if I can tire them out enough, they can fall asleep before it gets dark at 10:30pm, and can be patient with the other.  So I was thinking, maybe if Harry Potter’s Snape can teach his students to “bottle fame, brew glory, stopper death”, maybe he can teach me to concoct sleep potion?


One comment on “A chic, facetious seque

  1. Jenny
    July 18, 2012

    Just a thought. I don’t know if it would help and haven’t ever tried it myself, but I have a few friends that swear by melatonin…for themselves and their children. Would that possibly help them go to bed easier? I know that part of the problem is that the sun goes down so late, but I’ve heard great things about using melatonin. Love you. Enjoyed talking to you today.

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